This Zoom room was setup as a light version of the xLights Official Zoom Room

We aim to keep this more of a social room, but asking questions is allowed.

Please adhere to following rules to make sure we are all having a good time:
  1. Keep adult language to a minimum, family friendly, and being mindful of who is in the room at the time.
  2. Support will not last for any lengthy sessions. Extensive support sessions will be asked to move to a breakout room.
  3. Please respect other members of the community, as well as any host.
  4. The hosts are here to facilitate we are all having a good time.
  5. Please do not ask for host controls. Host are predetermined and discussed among the owners of the room.
  6. The atmosphere of the room will always be kept in a light and friendly manner. This is a social room, not a business meeting.
  7. If someone is helping, do not interrupt. Additional information is always welcome, but right answers do not need to be corrected with "righter" answers.
  8. This room is not intended for self-promotion, product selling, service selling, or website promotion.
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